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On Your Phone or Desktop

  • Do everything you need to do: manage your characters, move your tokens, make skill and attack checks, read (or edit) handouts, or secretly message other players.
  • Play with your friends entirely online or in person. Run your games in your living room or outside, under trees.
  • Diceweaver is web-and-cloud based your friends can play any time! No one needs to run special software or do dubiously secure things like open ports on their routers.
  • Diceweaver's subscription plans - Free, Basic, Premium, and All-Access - can fit any budget. Does your Storyteller foot the bill? Help out with gift subscriptions or doubloons.Learn More
  • We don't set cookies, will never sell your information to third-parties, and don't allow any kind of tracking whatsoever - including advertisements! Read More
  • Battle Maps

    Set up tactical combats on your Battlemaps. Take full control of your grid color, size, and shape (square, hexagonal, isometric).

  • Region Maps

    Pull out to show large areas with Region Maps!

    Keep your hexcrawl notes secret.

  • Scenes

    Need to set a mood or play in the Theater of the Mind's Eye?

    A Scene is exactly what you're looking for.

  • Map Tools

    Make your own maps - of any kind or scale.

    Our integrated Drawing Tools are always improving.

Your Favorite Games

  • We are adding new game engines to our library all the time! As many games as we can, as fast as we can!
  • We want to shine light on titles beyond the largest and most popular. Small games get as much love as the largest ones.
  • Don't see what you want to play? Create your own game with our easy-to-use, "no code" authoring tools!
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The safety and security of our community is paramount to us and is a driving factor in our design and policies.

Diceweaver is a site for everyone and has been designed to defend against evil from the beginning. We want adults and children to not only feel safe but to actually be safe. Here is but a small set of measures we have to ensure this:

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You can play with your friends entirely online or in person. Run your games in your living room or outside, under trees. You can connect while you should maybe be doing something else or even while sitting on your throne. Anywhere you can get a signal.

Never worry about your players forgetting their character sheets at home: they're on your phones. Cast your map to your television for the entire group to see and drive it from a tablet!

Do your players like to write 7,000 word backstories for their characters? Do you devise encounter ideas while out and about? With Diceweaver, you can do it any time, anywhere, and with any device! You and your friends don't need special software to play, just your browser, phone, or tablet!

Diceweaver is web-and-cloud based your friends can play any time! No one needs to run special software or do dubiously secure things like open ports on their routers.