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For Publishers

Diceweaver has a fairly simple idea about our relationship with publishers: we want to be best friends.

Our position is that we want to be as publisher-friendly as possible. We believe that publishing houses and game designers are also our customers, a very special breed of them, and so it is in our interests to make things easy.

We think that getting your games to work on Diceweaver should be as painless as possible. Further, we don't believe you should have to modify your game to fit our platform, so we modify our platform to fit your game. Even more: Your business is making games and not making virtual tabletops (that's our business), so let's make sure you have more time and resources to do just that.

I'm in! What Do I Do?

This part is easy: drop an email to [email protected] and we'll set up a time to meet! We like to get an idea of your vision . Don't like email? Hop onto our Discord and ask around: someone will be with you shortly.

We're located in Honolulu, Hawaiʻi, which is in the GMT+10 timezone. We can make any zone difference work.

  • All kinds, big and small! We want to showcase the depth and breadth of the hobby - and help players find Their Next Favorite Game (possibly one without an ampersand in the title?)
  • We have a license agreement that we'll want you to sign. It basically gives us the right to use your content on the site (for people to play the game) and allows us to advertise it. We can't sell it (unless you want us to - see below!)
  • Absolutely; send us a note and we'll send you a sample.
  • We do! For free, even!
  • Really! It's in our best interests to do this! We want your games to have the best experience they can.
  • You can be as involved in the development as much or as little as you want. Do you want final approval? You've got it. You want full control after we do the initial lifting? No problem.
  • No Problem! We'll help you do it. If you've got a lot of games and can't wait on our schedule, this may be a better option - and in this case, we'll teach you how to do it, and possibly give you source code access to work with.

Our Marketplace

In the coming weeks we will be launching our marketplace which will be a deeply integrated system that will grant each publisher their own customizable storefront.

  • We think that asking for a third (or more!) of your product's value is criminal so we're simply not going to charge that. Our standard resale rate for Early adopters of Diceweaver's platform is going to be 20% - and then no higher than 25% for anyone thereafter.
  • We think it's unethical to require players to purchase the same content three times to have a good experience, so we're just ... not going to do it. Instead, we'll honor purchases of your products made through your other storefronts! Your existing customers can be granted unlocks here on Diceweaver - and local copies of PDFs won't count against their disk space.
  • Use your company colors and logos and customize your store's layout. You won't be forced to upsell competing products!
  • We think that exclusive licenses hurt the hobby and the environment, so we're not interested in them.
  • Do you have a Patreon and use it for making maps, tokens, or other assets? We're planning to integrate with Patreon so that your subscribers can get access to your content on Diceweaver. See above re: "We Honor All Purchases"
  • Some Diceweaver subscription tiers include permanent discounts on purchases made through our marketplace. These discounts come out of our end - and serve for even more incentive for your customers to buy through us.
  • We want to be sure that our members can find your products and not be drowned by shovel-ware garbage.

Let's have a chat! Email [email protected] and we'll set it up!