Feature Timeline

The Engine Factory (target Summer 2023)

Ever want to play a game of your own design? The Engine Factory will allow you to write your own game engine or customize an existing one - which can then be republished as your own house rules!

Forums (target Summer/Fall 2023)

The cornerstone of Diceweaver's community, the Forums are a unique, topic-customizable experience and foster collaboration.

Map Factory (target Summer/Fall 2023)

While Diceweaver already allows you to quickly create and deploy maps, the Map Factory will enable users to quickly design, draw, and populate maps that can serve as both dungeon maps as well as battlemaps - with the click of a button! Some of these features will become available sooner; others later.

  • Edit maps by "painting" tiles over the grid.
  • Add adversaries and non-player characters to rooms that will be automatically deployed to the stage when players enter the area.
  • Add notes about individual rooms that provide additional context or description to the Storyteller or Players.
  • Takes maps made with the Map Factory and allows them to be displayed isometrically. Anger your computer's graphical processor by turning this on dynamically!

Marketplace (target Fall 2023)

Users can package up a collection of art, maps, tokens, characters - anything at all - and share it with the community - for free or for sale. (Some features sooner than others.)

Character Art Designer (target Winter/Spring 2024)

The Character Designer allows users to create bespoke token and portrait art for their characters and cast.

Catch As Can (Spring - Winter 2023)

These features are planned but their exact position in the roadmap hasn't been set.